About Us

We promote integrity, by every Act honestly and transparently.

Who we are

Our commitment to seamless buying and selling has made us one of the largest retailers of used cars in Rostock. As a used car exporter, we aim to support the German automotive industry. For years, we've been optimizing the car buying and selling experience - from a stressful, dreaded event to an honest, straightforward experience that all the people of our city deserve. 

Today, our customers have the opportunity to buy completely according to their needs. Combine our flexibility and experience when buying or selling your private vehicle. We strive to optimize the experience around car purchase or sale, so you will love it.

What is important to us

- Our customers
- Customer communication
- Our Staff
- Sustainable planning and action 
- Inclusion and diversity
- Qualität der angebotenen Fahrzeuge
- Ehrliche und transparente Geschäftspraktiken
- Zufriedenstellende Lösungen für unsere Kunden
- Weiterentwicklung und Fortbildung unserer Mitarbeiter
- Umweltfreundliche und nachhaltige Geschäftspraktiken
- Einbeziehung verschiedener Perspektiven und Meinungen
- Förderung einer offenen und inkludierenden Arbeitsumgebung
- Unterstützung der lokalen Gemeinschaft und Wirtschaft.

1 business

in Rostock

6 employees

in Rostock

About 3 Thousand

Rated Vehicles

Over 1 Thousand

Sold Cars

 1 Thousand

Cars Bought