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Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my car to EmAuto without buying a car from EmAuto?

Yes, our offer remains the same – regardless of whether you buy from us or not.

The Online offer is a real offer or a quote?

We offer real deals, both online and in-store, and all our offers are valid for 7 days. If you want to redeem an offer you received online, bring it to our office. Once we have verified it, if the condition of your car matches the information we received online, you will receive payment on hand. Some quotes are adjusted after the verification process.

Can I negotiate my online offer?

Yes, please call us or send us an E-Mail.

Can I Online for both a and a load rating get?

If you have received an online offer by email, an additional evaluation is not required unless the offer is no longer valid. We use the same evaluation criteria online and in-store, and the condition of each car is verified in person when redeeming an online offer. We only adjust online offers if the condition of a car differs from the information received online.

Can I get both an online and in-store/on-site review?

If you have received an online quote by email, an additional on-site evaluation is always better. On site we can evaluate your car better. We use the same evaluation criteria online and in the store. In addition, the condition of each car is still checked in person when we redeem an online offer. We only adjust online offers if the condition of a car differs from the information received online.

Can I get my quote online?

No, you are always welcome to bring your car to our EmAuto store for an appraisal. To get an in-store appraisal, you can either make an appointment or just drop by whenever it's convenient for you.

What do I do after I get a quote Online, by E-Mail?

If you want to redeem your offer and sell your car to EmAuto, you have 7 days from the day you make the offer. You can either make an appointment or just bring the car to us when we are open. We will check the condition of your car, accept the offer and you can go home with payment in hand.

Will you pick up my vehicle from my home?

We do not offer a pick-up service at this time. Offers can be redeemed at our EmAuto store.

Do I need an appointment to sell my car?

Due to the pandemic, many stores are open by appointment only. You can make an appointment using the appointment form on this page or by calling our local store.

Do I have to sell my car as soon as I receive the offer?

You can sell your car for seven days in the EmAuto business with the same written offer. If your assessment was completed more than seven days, we assess the value of your car again, and generate an updated quote on the spot.

How do you determine my offer?

We review the current market conditions, as well as the specific data of your car (Year, make, model, mileage, vehicle history report, or maintenance booklet called). We examine the condition of your car's interior and exterior to major defects, such as body or flood damage. We will drive your car to the sample and check whether the brake and turn signals (among other things) to work. In case of repair, we can adjust our services accordingly. Regular maintenance and care of your car is the most important criterion for our assessment of the offer. In the case of the Online offer, we are sometimes ask about, send us the additional vehicle images by E-Mail. We need the extra photographs in order to create an accurate quote.

What do I need to sell my car?

The requirements may vary, but there are a few things you will need:
– A valid and current registration
– A valid government-issued photo ID
– All keys and remotes
Registration certificate part I (formerly the vehicle registration certificate)
Registration certificate, part II, (formerly: Vehicle registration)
– General operating permit (ABE) for the conversion parts
– Current HU-test report
– Mark
Checkbook/Inspection Booklet
Purchase agreement

Please note that you do not need these things to get a quote for your car, but if you think you would like to sell it to us. When you receive your offer, you should be prepared with these documents.

How do I get paid for my car?

You will receive payment the same day you sell us your car. We pay by bank transfer or cash.

What if I owe more for my car than the amount of your quote?

If your withdrawal amount is higher than the offer for your car is called the differential as a "negative equity". In some cases, the negative equity can be included in the purchase of a car in your financing. If not, we calculate the difference between your payment and our offer to you and you can pay EmAuto directly. In business, we accept certified Bank Transfers, cash, and debit cards. Our written quotations are valid for 7 days so you have time to obtain all of the necessary resources for the completion of your transaction.

Do you buy leased cars?

Yes! With us, you can sell your leased car just like any other financed car. We will appraise the car, contact the leasing company for a payoff offer, and handle any equity you may have. Also note that your leased car may not qualify for sale. Check with your leasing company for complete details.

Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

If you want to sell a car on behalf of a company, contact our staff to learn the necessary requirements.

Do you also buy campers, vans or motorhomes?

Yes! We buy any car. Regardless of make, mileage or condition - we will buy your car. We buy all types of vehicles. Let us evaluate your car, you will receive an offer from us. For further questions, please contact our staff.

Why should you sell to us for export?

The Export of a car is a way to even the very old used car still with something to sell it for profit. However, to sell on their own the vehicle abroad is not a good idea. Because private car export high logistical and bureaucratic expenses can arise. For this reason, we are – "EmAuto" – you, as a reputable dealer with experience in car buying and the issue of Export to the side and make you a suitable offer. We will take care of all aspects of export.

What advantages do I have if I sell my car to you?

If the car is rusty, has a high mileage, has engine damage or no MOT - more simply put, if your car's time has run out and you can no longer sell it in this country, EmAuto car export is often the only alternative to the scrap yard. For you as the owner, this form of vehicle sale by a car export specialist has mainly only financial advantages. There are no costs for scrapping the old used car and the sale even flushes some money into your coffers.

What documents do I need to sell a car for export?

We require the same documents as for the domestic car sale. Only in addition to the vehicle registration document (Zulassungsbescheinigung I), vehicle title (Zulassungsbescheinigung II), identity card or passport of the vehicle owner, possibly an export insurance certificate, a decommissioning certificate, a TÜV certificate and German bank details for the vehicle tax. For more detailed information, call our hotline during opening hours, our staff will be happy to advise you.

What cars are suitable for car export?

Basically, all the brands are in demand. All brands, all models, even if the year of construction is more than 10 years, or if the speedometer has over 200,000 km mileage. If you can get the used cars, accident cars, or a car with damage to the engine through the main investigation by the TÜV bring, there are not many options available. Then we will come and help you, to sell the car at the best price. There are German car brands that are very popular abroad, such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW. Also, multi-purpose vehicles are well suited for vehicles with high-performance engines, or with Extras such as air conditioning or roof Luggage carrier! We are a serious company with export/Export specialization with more than 20 years of experience. We strive to offer you the best possible price. We still put a lot of emphasis on the old-fashioned human communication, therefore, the contact and the satisfaction of our customers is very important. Thus, we distinguish between offer us strongly of all the new Online portals, the automated car sales processes and as a result, prices sharply lower.

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