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Main advantages

Flexible Vacation Time

We understand the importance of a work-life balance and appreciate your hard work. That's why we offer our employees flexible time off/employment that they can use as needed.

Flexible Working Hours

Within the framework of flexible working hours, you are responsible for deciding how you divide up your working hours: For example, if you want to work longer on a workday, you can compensate for these times by the hour or even by the day. This gives you enough flexibility, for example, to take children to kindergarten or pick them up, or to devote yourself to your hobbies. 

Discounts for vehicles

We are in the car business. Therefore, it is obvious that we offer great car discounts to our employees. And we help with the purchase, sale or even repair work on the private vehicle.

Attractive compensation

Good payment is the basis for good cooperation. We are happy to pay for good performance. The individual amount of your remuneration depends on the activities you perform with us based on your knowledge and experience and how much responsibility you have.

International Team

We are committed to diversity. People from many different countries work for us. We speak many languages. With us you can learn a new language, make new friends, learn diversity. We speak Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish and many other languages.

    Möglichkeit, bei einem erfolgreichen und etablierten Unternehmen zu arbeiten
Umfangreiche Schulungen und Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten
Offene und inklusive Arbeitsumgebung
Möglichkeit, sich aktiv in die Gestaltung des Unternehmens einzubringen
Flexible Arbeitszeiten und -bedingungen
Unterstützung bei der Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Privatleben
Attraktive Vergütung und leistungsorientierte Prämien
Möglichkeit, an Projekten mit hoher Verantwortung und Entscheidungsgewalt teilzunehmen
Möglichkeit, sich in einer schnelllebigen und zukunftsorientierten Branche zu entwickeln
Möglichkeit, einen positiven Beitrag zur lokalen Gemeinschaft und Wirtschaft zu leisten.


- Kfz-Mechatroniker/in / Automotive service technician in Rostock
Service assistant in Rostock

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